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  • What is .tv?
    .tv is the fresh, new, exciting Web address that is taking the world by storm! Not only is "TV" the most recognized two letter symbol in the world, but it's also now becoming the most meaningful Web address for the evolving Internet! Don't miss out, names are going fast! Already, .tv has become the fastest growing Top-Level domain in Internet history-a clear indication of its global appeal! A .tv Web address is the global identity that lets the world know that you are a part of the evolving Internet. The .tv Corporation is the official worldwide registry for all Web addresses ending in .tv.

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  • Why do I need a .tv Web address?
    A .tv Web address is the new standard on the Internet. Many sites that began with simple, text-based pages are now utilizing the boundless capacities of streaming video, audio and real time technologies. With a .tv address, you have the only Web address that instantly tells the world you're part of this new generation of online experiences.

    And, whether you are currently a rich media provider or not, a .tv address is still for you! Simply put, a .tv Web address is the coolest Web address on the Internet. It tells the millions of Web surfers out there that you and your company have a progressive way of thinking!

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    Who's ready for the future of the Internet? Leading companies and individuals understand the global impact of the .tv domain and are shaping the Internet of the future. A small sample of registrants include:

    United States:
    • Bloomberg
    • Reuters
    • Motorola
    • IBM
    • Earthlink
    • Sega of America
    • Ziff Davis
    • eBay
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWF)
    • Major League Baseball (MLB)
    • Home Box Office (HBO)
    • Cox Broadcasting
    • Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
    • Affiliates of all major US broadcasting networks

    • The Economist
    • Barclays Bank
    • British Telecom
    • Columbia TriStar International Television
    • Globo
    • CNBC Asia
    • Korea Broadcasting Telecom (KBT)
    • Telemundo
    • Granada Sky Broadcasting
    • Zee TV
    • VIVA
    • Billabong

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  • Where did .tv come from?
    .tv is the top-level Domain indicator (like .com or .net) assigned to the country of Tuvalu, a small Pacific Island nation. Through a perpetual agreement with Tuvalu, the .tv Corporation became the exclusive registry and registrar for names in the .tv domain. Tuvalu plans to use proceeds from the agreement to increase the quality of life for its approximately 10,000 citizens.